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Tammy & Mark Betson

A creative husband and wife team, who decided to use their talents to create a business which is unique and inspiring.

Mark is an artist.  After leaving school and completing an art degree, he always just painted for "fun".  But now (as well as working full time) he creates paintings with a very unusual intricate design. In particular concentrating on his one main love as his subject, trees.  On a tree commonly known as "The Tree of Life" of which many variations have been completed.

  Tammy and Mark Betson T&M Arts and Crafts

Tammy is the jeweller.  Something she fell into by accident.  After moving to a community farm in the depths of North Cornwall, she found herself needing a way to earn some money, so using the talents she learnt from being a wedding florist, she picked up a couple of books and taught herself how to make jewellery.  Which she now sells at craft fairs and online.

Events Collage

In January 2015 Tammy also learnt a new skill. Mosaic Art. After feeling she needed a new spring to her bow and a new product for the stand, taking inspiration from Mark and many other artists she has met on her travels, she created her own style using tiles and stained glass, however after setting up another business, Animal Care on the Hills, she found that making the mosaics was too time consuming, so has downed tools for the time being.  You can find the remaining mosaics for sale on their Folksy shop.

In January 2013 they moved to a new location in the heart of the Blackdown Hills on the border of Devon and Somerset and the plans to expand the business are in full swing. Visitors can come (by appointment) to the house to view their work on display, see them working and ask as many questions as they would like.  Thier work will also be available to purchase.  

Continuing to trade at various events throughout the year means that their work can be shared by many. And enjoyed.

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