All about Mark and his Art

Mark Betson Artist
mark painting 

All about mark and what inspires him to paint the way he does

Mark is a prolific painter with a unique style all of his own.  He used to paint land and sea scape's, until 6 years ago when he produced his first real abstract painting with a twist of his own.

Growing in popularity his unique intricate style of painting has made people stop in their tracks and say "Wow!"

He mainly paints in acrylics on boxed canvas. Inspired by his love of nature and trees (being a hedge layer and a woodland manager for many years, he has an affinity with trees).  His paintings have often been compared with the well known "Tree of Life".  He takes a little bit of his inspiration from many of the great artists such as klimt and puts his own spin on their style to create his unusual paintings, often asked where does it come from, Mark simply replies "from my head".

We are the only distributors of Mark's work at present, selling it online and at the various events we attend around the South West.

Mark believes he would rather keep his art affordable for everyone to enjoy, than have a stack of paintings gathering dust under the stairs because we don't have any wall space left!

So you can purchase his art work as originals, prints, greeting cards and t-shirts.

                Artist Mark Betson   ART 4 foot x 4 foot print

 Here is a video of Bottle, Ball, Vase as Mark was painting it.