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 Tamara's Blooms Gallery

I pride myself in only putting on my website photographs of work I have genuinely completed, for this reason and because of time scales on the day (I don't exactly have time to set up a studio to take studio style photos of the arrangements) the photographs on this site are the ones I take while I am making the arrangements, after I have delivered them to the venues or if I am sent any by the bride.

Flowers boquet  flowers cake  flowers cake  
Flowers calla bouquet  flowers chocolate cake  Flowers church arch
flowers daisy vase  Flowers gerbera bride  Flowers gerbera cake
Flowers holm wood  Flowers Justine  Flowers laura
Flowers lizzy bouquet  flowers modern pedestal    Flowers Nickys
Flowers our wedding  flowers pedestal  flowers pew
Flowers pink brides maids  Flowers richmond           Flowers Richmond
Flowers small brides maid  Flowers spring boquet      flowers stairs
flowers sun pedestal  Flowers sunflower wedding      Flowers thank you bouquet
flowers tree arrangement  flowers vase   flowers vase tall
flowers top table flowers top table flowers top